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Extremely Large Magnetoresistance and Electronic Structure

Abstract. We report the magneto transport properties and the electronic structure of TmSb. TmSb exhibits extremely large transverse magnetoresistance and Shubnikov de Haas (SdH) oscillation at low temperature and high magnetic field.

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rare earth compounds (the electronic structure, magnetic and optical properties of rare earth monopnictides, rare earth based pigments, heavy fermion systems) Ln FeAsO iron pnictide superconductors (in particular, the interplay between localized 4 f states and Fe 3 d bands)

Structural Analysis of Rare Earth Compound with NaCl Structure

Current Trends in Advanced Compound Materials: Structural Analysis of Rare Earth Compound with NaCl Structure


Dr. MAKOTO YOSHIDA Papers 34. "Magnetic order in the spin 1/2 kagome antiferromagnet vesignieite" M. Yoshida, Y. Okamoto, M. Takigawa, "Cyclotron resonance experiments on rare earth monopnictides" M. Yoshida, K. Koyama and M. Motokawa, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 15 (2022) S2119 S2122. 13. "Electron spin resonance of GdX (X=P, As, Sb and Bi)"

MS&E Seminar: Christopher J. Palmstrom MSE

We have investigated the growth of a number of dissimilar epitaxial materials on III V semiconductors and metal oxides including ferromagnetic Fe, FeCo, Full Heusler compounds (such as Co 2 MnSi, Co 2 FeSi,..), semicon ducting and potential topological Half Heusler compounds, and rare earth monopnictides III V semicon ductor nanocomposites

Application of Doped Rare earth Oxide TiO2 Emission

High pressure behaviour and elastic properties of heavy rare earth Gd monopnictides 5 pages Temporal variations in the fractionation of the rare earth elements in a boreal river; the role of colloidal particles

Understanding charge carrier relaxation processes in

The incorporation of other rare earth monopnictide nanoparticles into III V hosts is a likely path to engineering carrier excitation, relaxation and transport dynamics for optoelectronic device applications.

Interplay of Magnetism and Transport in HoBi

rare earth monopnictides, the eld dependence of resistivity in HoBi is non monotonic and reveals clear signatures of every metamagnetic transition in the low temperature and low

Theoretical study of LaP and LaAs at high pressures

The La monopnictides with the NaCl structure belong to have been carried out for rare earth compounds, only a few a large group of rare earth pnictides [3] and have recently data are found in the literature in explaining the electronic

Publications CIQM

Non Peer Reviewed Publications: Atomic Layered Materials: J. José García Ripoll, B. Peropadre, S. De Liberato, " Light matter Decoupling and A 2 Term Detection in Superconducting Circuits", arXiv:

Magnetic structures of rare earth intermetallics

monopnictides and monochalcogenides RX (X = N, P, As, Sb, Bi, S, Se, Te). The compounds of the first group are magnetic structures of rare earth intermetallics. We may have a non collinear magnetic structure if the unit cell contains several rare earth sites. This

Temperature and Orientation Dependence of Ultrasonic

The temperature dependence of the ultrasonic parameters like ultrasonic velocities and Grüneisen parameters in americium monopnictides AmY (Y: N, P, As, Sb and Bi) have been studied for longitudinal and shear waves along 100>, 110> and 111> crystallographic directions in the temperature range 100 K

Static and Dynamical Properties of heavy actinide

Abstract. In this work, density functional theory within the framework of generalized gradient approximation has been used to investigate the structural, elastic, mechanical, and phonon properties of lutetium monopnictides in rock salt crystal structure.

Anomalous Rare Earths and Actinides: Valence Fluctuation

The selection first offers information on lanthanides and actinides and electronic structures in cerium monopnictides. Topics include rare earth metals with fluctuating valencies, 'normal' rare earth metals, and band calculation and Fermi surface. The text then elaborates on neutron scattering studies of anomalous rare earth compounds

Pressure Induced Structural Phase Transition and Elastic

Introduction In the recent years the study of structural phase transformation and mechanical properties of binary rare earth (RE) monochalcogenides and monopnictides due to their intrecate

CiteSeerX — Growth of High‐quality Rocksalt LaAs on LuAs

Abstract. Much attention has been given in recent years to the rare‐earth group‐V Many of the rare‐earth (RE) monopnictides are rocksalt semimetals and can be epitaxially integrated with III‐V semiconductors as nanoparticles and thin films.

Laura Vanderhoef Physicist US Army Research

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Laura Vanderhoef Physicist US Army Research

Laser physicist highly trained in materials characterization via optical spectroscopy. Expertise in constructing experiments and ultrafast laser alignment and repair.

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics (IJPAP)

It is found that the ultrasonic attenuation in ytterbium monopnictides increases with temperature and have quadratic function of temperature. The nature of ultrasonic attenuation was found to be quite similar to the other observed results of rare earth monopnictides.

Intrinsic reduction of the ordered 4f magnetic moments in

rare earth nitride to the YSZ cap interface was found to be,, and nm for DyN, HoN, and ErN, respectively, with a significantly rougher interface apparent for the case of DyN.

Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths

The rare earths play a unique role in science. These 17 related elements afford a panoply of subtle variations deriving from the systematic development of their electronic configurations, allowing a test of theory with excellent resolution.

Preparation of Lutetium Nitride by Direct Nitridation

Li, Chunhua and Broido, David 2022. Phonon thermal transport in transition metal and rare earth nitride semiconductors from first principles. Physical Review B, Vol. 95, Issue. 20, . CrossRef

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takuo sakon

ABSTRACT We have investigated the magnetic and elastic properties of rare earth monopnictide TbSb by means of specific heat, high field magnetization, and ultrasonic measurements. A pronounced anomaly was observed in the specific heat and

Magnetic ordering of rare earth compounds: flrst principles

report a systematic theoretical study on the magnetic ordering in heavy rare earth Based on flrst principles total energy calculations of Gd monopnictides, we deduced the exchange interaction parameters of these systems from fltting the total energies of difierent magnetic conflgurations to

Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths

214 Rare Earth Manganese Perovskites by John B. Goodenough, University of Texas at Austin, USA Rare earth ions influence the physical properties of rare earth manganese perovskites R1−x Ax MnO3 (where A is an alkaline earth cation) through a geometric factor, which determines the bending of the Mn–O–Mn angle in order to achieve a match


rare earth monopnictides [6 11]. These compounds have lattice constants close to that of GaAs but their crystal structures are, although still cubic, significantly different from the zinc blende structure of GaAs. Most of the rare earth monopnictides have the rock salt crystal structure. The

Temperature and Orientation Dependence of Ultrasonic

tance to Earth's scientists, because it sets limitations on the thermoelastic properties of lower mantle [3]. The cium monopnictides were investigated theoretically by Ghosh et al. [6]. The crystal structure of AmAs, AmSb rare earth monochalcogenides [18]. It is clear from the Table 1 that,

Details and Download Full Text PDF: Observation of Dirac

The rare earth monopnictide LaBi exhibits exotic magneto transport properties, including an extremely large and anisotropic magnetoresistance. Experimental evidence for topological surface states is still missing although band inversions have been postulated to induce a topological phase in LaBi.

Intrinsic reduction of the ordered 4f magnetic moments in

Intrinsic reduction of the ordered 4f magnetic moments in semiconducting rare earth nitride thin films: DyN, ErN, and HoN Keywords reduction, earth, rare, thin, films

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