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Muncie 4 Speed Transmissions

Serial numbers for Muncie 4 speeds always begin with the letter "P". P stands for Muncie Plant. Not for passenger car as some self proclaimed specialists may think. The letter M was used to ID the Muncie plant for the Muncie 3 speed, so P was the next logical letter. The letter O would add confusion since it resembles zero. The serial number is a date code the transmission was built for a

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The M22 is called the Rock Crusher. "Dump the Rock Crusher," hot rodders say. People think all Muncie four-speeds are Rock Crushers, but they're not. Nowadays there are custom gear ratios and set ups, including M21 wide-ratio and M22 wide-ratio units. You can pretty much get what you want. Beefed up boxes for hot rods and Resto-Mods are popular, too. " When rebuilding a Muncie four

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Noting its location in situ can also identify the variation. The M22 or so-called Rock Crusher usually partnered up with big-block engines. Serial Number. The serial number is where the money shot lies. It offers a lot of information to complete the story of the four-speed manual transmission. This figure is usually stamped and not a part of

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Original 396 cubic inch Chevrolet L78 V8 Muncie M22 'Rock Crusher' 4-speed manual transmission Original 12-bolt rear axle with a correct posi-traction differential and correct gears Correct power steering Correct power front disc and rear drum brakes Correct F41 Sport Suspension

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The Muncie 4 Speed came in 3 basic models the M-20, M-21 & M-22. The Muncie M20 was a wide-ratio transmission and was intended for basic street drive-ability and basically for cruising your car . The first models had a :1 first gear. The later 1966-1974 units had a :1 first gear. They are compatible with a GM 3 Series differential.

Muncie 4 Speed Transmissions

The dead first gear ratio which is the same in the M21 is not that good for off the line acceleration. You would need at least a rear end gear to compensate for the dead first gear. That was OK when gas was cheap in 1967 and you did not mind pulling 3000 RPM at 50 MPH while going to work.

1970 Chevrolet Corvette C3 LT1 ZR1 350Ci/370HP V8 4-Speed

In addition to the LT1, the ZR-1 package included an M22 rock crusher 4-speed heavy duty transmission, J56 Heavy duty power brakes, transistorized ignition, special aluminum radiator and a suspension that included special springs, shocks, and front and rear stabilizer bars.

chevy m22 rock crusher transmission

Get the best deals for muncie 4 speed transmission m22 at eBay We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! muncie 4 speed transmission m21 muncie m22 rock crusher muncie 4 speed transmission m20 super t 10 4 speed transmission borg warner t10 Fits GM Chevy Muncie M22 Transmission . Get Price


1961 Chevrolet Impala Additional Info: You probably were just attracted to this 1961 Chevrolet Impala because you though it looked cool and was priced right. Little did you know that this two-door has a terrific color combo, M22 rock crusher four-speed, and serious 454 big block power.

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Jul 23, 2022· Muncie 4 speed lube. I have read several posts on various sites that talked about what lube to use in a Muncie 4 speed. Most say use GL4 80/90 wt. They say never use synthetic or GL5. The guy that rebuilt told me to use synthetic Mobil 1. (local transmission shop that does only manual transmissions and gear boxes.

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Apr 16, 2022· After playing with Chevys for years and switching to Mopar I ended up with a spare 427 Chevy engine and an 18 spline Mopar 4 speed transmission. I thought I would do one more project and put them had a buddy that ran a Super Gas Vette with a M-22 "Rock Crusher". He broke so many that he eventually swapped in a Hemi 4-speed. Man

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no reserve 1967 chevrolet chevelle ss 396 375hp l78 m22 rock crusher 4 speed wow 1973 Chevy Nova SS, Muscle, 4spd, M22 Rock crusher 1970 CAMARO Z/28 ORIGINAL #s MATCH LT-1, M-22 4 SP ROCK CRUSHER, 3:73 POSITRAC

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Nov 08, 2022· I'm not going to tell you that Muncie 4 speeds are the worlds strongest transmission, but if there is ANY chance of going to a V/8 with ANY amount of horsepower you would be wise to go with the Muncie at a minimum. DDDenny, Nov 5, 2022. SHARE POST #29. Joined: Apr 28, 2022.

rock crusher four speed transmission chevy

an m-22 "rock crusher" is a muncie four-speed transmission for cars made by general motors in the 1960s. identify a transmission type correctly before fitting it Support. chevy transmissions: muncie 4 speed m22 rockcrusher.

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Manual 4-Speed Muncie M20/21/22 – 32 tailhousing using a 2-piece and newer muscle cars and street rods. Price : $ 2, Tire Size : This field can't be Empty: Axle Ratios: This field can't be Empty: Quantity. Buy. View Larger Image. Part # 3D0T10K. 190771Manual 4-Speed T-10 11 7/16″ Long Tailhousing 27 Spline. Manual 4-Speed T-10 11 7/16″ Long Tailhousing

The Muncie 4 Speed Transmission Taught A Generation Of

Jun 09, 2022· The Muncie 4-speed transmission is a legend among fans of GM muscle cars. For a 10 year period starting in the golden age of 1960s performance, General Motors' Muncie, Indiana transmission factory churned out several different flavors of this manual gearbox. This imprinted the name on the brains of drag racers and high performance fans after it

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Muncie M22 4-Speed-Rock Crusher Transmission - FRESH Muncie M22 Rock Crusher 4 Speed Transmission 1st Gear Close Ratio 26/32 Spline Main Case 3925661 Tail Housing 3978764 Side Cover 3952648 VIN 12894 Transmission has been completely restored inside and out!

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01/10/2022 · I am building a decent horsepower Poncho 400. I am researching transmissions and located a couple that I would like. Found the old Muncie "Rock Crusher", and read up about it. Found a Mopar A833, and read up on it. I want to keep a 4-speed so that puts out the T56 plus I heard that Tremec will melt with that much torque

Stout 4-Speed. Which is best? | The

Oct 01, 2022 · I am building a decent horsepower Poncho 400. I am researching transmissions and located a couple that I would like. Found the old Muncie "Rock Crusher", and read up about it. Found a Mopar A833, and read up on it. I want to keep a 4-speed so that puts out the T56 plus I heard that Tremec will melt with that much torque

Synchromesh and Muncie 4-Speed Transmission

The Magical Muncie 4-Speed Transmission. By John M22 is called the Rock Crusher. People think all Muncie four-speeds are Rock Crushers, but they're not. The M20 and M21 came out about the same time in 1963, but the M22 didn't come out until 1965. It was developed for the Corvette Grand Sport racing program.

Muncie, Borg-Warner T-10, or Super T-10 4-Speed

Aug 22, 2022· Muncie, Borg-Warner T-10, or Super T-10 4-Speed Transmission Oil Change. If you are like many four-on-the-floor muscle car owners you will tend to overlook replacing the gear oil in your Muncie (M20, M21, or M22), Borg-Warner Super T-10, or Super T-10 4-speed transmission. It is easy to overlook this type of general maintenance.

Guide to Muncie M20, M21, and M22 Four-Speed Transmissions

Aug 07, 2022· The M22 Rock Crusher would come later to accommodate the heavy twist of Chevrolet's big-blocks in the mid-1960s. The M20 and M21 transmissions produced from 1963-'74 are easy to identify in both

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Jun 24, 2022· 1970-1972 Trans Am 455 HO used a either Muncie M22 Rock Crusher or a B-W T-10S 4-speed. A Muncie M22 4-speed was rare in a Pontiac. The 1970 - 1974 M22 is sometimes confused with the 1970 1974 M20 and M21 Muncie 4-speed becaue they all use the same large diameter main shaft and TH-400 U-joint yoke.

how can i identify a rock crusher transmission

Jul 30 How To Identify Chevy 4 Speed Transmissions M22 Rock Crusher Muncie 4 Speed Vin Tag thru Duration 3 25 Auto BikeTruck . Brewer s Performance Mopar A833 4 Speed. Due to numerous internal variations in the A833 4 speed transmission throughout its 23 years of production identification of certain components is critical in .

1978 Rally Nova For Sale With A Small Block And Rock

Aug 31, 2022 · 1978 Rally Nova For Sale With A Small Block And Rock Crusher Muncie 4-Speed And More! Aug 31, 2022 Chad Reynolds Craigslist Find 0 For years I refer to these Novas as "Wrong Year Novas" because they aren't the ones everyone wants that are built between 1968 and 1972.

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First appearing in the 1963 Chevrolet full-size cars and Corvettes, they were originally available with two first-gear ratios, :1 and : GM phased out use of the Borg-Warner T-10 in 1963, the :1 ratio became standard equipment for 4-speed applications in the 1964 Chevelle, Nova and Olds F-85/Cutlass. These early units went through design changes in their youth, and the 1963-65

Muncie M22 4 Speed Rock Crusher Auto Gear - $1950

M22 Muncie 4 Speed Rock Crusher Auto Gear - $1850 (Wrightsville) M22 Muncie 4 Speed Rock Crusher Auto Gear all NEW but the Side cover 388468 with 9 pound spring call price is firmWe have NEW 11" Clutch KIT $ in StockMUNCIE M22 4 SPEED ROCK CRUSHER TRANSMISSION - $1500 (NMORGAN)

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The term "rock crusher" refers to the noise made by the meshing of the stronger helical gears in the M22. Later model 1971-'74 Muncies are also popular with racers, because these transmissions used a 32-spline output that is stronger than the early 27-spline,

Rock Crusher 4 Speed Crusher

1966 M22 Rock Crusher Muncie 4 Speed 1900 Carlisle. 1966 m22 rock crusher muncie 4 speed 1900 pigeon forge this is a super nice m22 rock crusher trans it all rebuilt and guaranteed has all new gears in it the case has been bushed also it is the close ratio trans it a very early 66 trans asking 1900 call dave call dave 352two16227three

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Oct 30, 2022 · We are restoring a 72 Chevelle SS and would like to use a Muncie "Rock Crusher". Is there anyone out there that and tell me the difference between a Muncie M22W and a M22 Rock Crusher. I have tired to look online but not finding anything to help. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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